Build a Water Efficient Garden

Water efficient? check; attractive? check. A water efficient garden, with its native plants, can showcase the best the nature has to offer; it is a place that birds can visit and bees can hum, a place that we can look at, cherish and enjoy.

Like many other beautiful things, a great-looking garden takes careful research, planning and execution:

1. Know the place

As the first step, get to know the original lawn area really well. How many square foot is it? What is the shape? Is it flat or on a slope? What is the soil type? Anything that needs particular attention?

2. Pick your garden style

Next, find out what kind of look do you want your garden to be. Tall plants or short? Bushes or flowers? What should be the main colors? What elements would you like to integrate into the garden(rocks, paths, layers, etc.)?
Browse Garden Photos to find the style and elements you like.

3. Determine plants

All the plants must be water efficient - use very little water once established. If you have applied for one of the rebate programs, to receive the rebate, you must cover at least 50% of the original lawn area with plants from Santa Clara Valley Water District Landscape Rebate Program Qualifying Plant List.

Many of the plants feature bright colors and beautiful blossom that can make your garden a lovely place. Browse through a collection of these plants from the Santa Clara Water District Rebate Eligible Plant list. Take a note for those that you like.

4. Pick a landscaper

After you have some ideas, start looking for a good landscaper. Browse through landscape architects and their portfolios, find the ones you like and follow up.